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The Little Miss Hannah Foundation provides support to families of young children diagnosed with life-limiting rare diseases, undiagnosed complex medical needs, and children who have been placed in hospice or palliative care.

A child living with a rare or undiagnosed life-threatening medical condition faces countless doctor’s visits, blood draws, lab tests, hospitalizations, medications, a lot of medical equipment (wheelchairs, feeding tubes, breathing tubes, pulse oximeters…) and more.  These measures, along with the symptoms of their disease, are hard on the child, the parents, and especially the brothers and sisters. The emotional, physical, and financial burdens are heavy.

Maximizing the child’s happiness and enabling families to enjoy what is likely limited time with their child is impossible without support. Friends and community members can provide this essential support by lifting the emotional and financial burdens, as easily as one dollar, card, or hug at a time.

A rare or life-limiting diagnosis does not have to mean isolation. The Little Miss Hannah Foundation connects.  By working closely with families who are faced with losing their child due to a medical condition, we will strive to empower, educate, and support these families during this emotionally-charged time of their lives.

Your donation will help us set up workshops, support groups, and other resources for our LMHF families as well as by providing the families, especially the siblings, with gifts, meals, and activities to help bring some moments of happiness.   It will also help us expand the Little Miss Hannah Foundation into a national network of support for  families living with seriously ill children with life-limiting diagnoses around the country.